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Nuthatch is a small, family kennel run by myself (Heather), my sister (Joanna), her two boys (Jacob & Alex), and our parents (John & Lorrie). It began with Siberian Huskies and rescue work and soon expanded into German Shorthaired Pointers. We currently only breed German Shorthair Pointers, although we have in the past bred both Siberian Huskies and a single litter of Belgian Shepherds (Tervuren variety). We remain heavily involved in breed rescue and also participate in conformation showing, hunt tests and recreational sledding. We are currently (2004) dabbling in obedience with an eye on tackling it more seriously in the near future. Dog related articles by Heather can be found in a variety of magazines including Dog News, Dogs In Canada, Dog & Kennel, Dog & Handler, Pets Magazine, and the Siberian Quarterly.

When we breed it is with the hope of finding our next future star. Sometimes this works out as planned and other times it doesn't. It is very rare that we breed a litter and do not keep a puppy out of it. We do not breed puppies for the sake of having puppies to sell. When a future star looks like he or she is better suited to being the star of your home rather than ours, we begin looking for a suitable home elsewhere. Because we want all our dogs to get to be full-time stars of the couch, we often retire dogs that we no longer plan on showing/breeding to new homes. In an attempt to make the transition from our home to yours a little easier, we often foster younger dogs that we no longer intend on showing but hope to breed during their breeding careers and retire them permanently to those homes at the end of that career. We will occasionally foster a puppy but it is usually an older (1-4 yrs old) female that is placed as a foster dog. All foster dogs must be spayed/neutered at the end of their careers to reduce potential health risks to the older dog. If you'd like to know more about fostering, feel free to email us (nuthatch@aztec-net.com).

We believe that no pet should be purchased without doing some research first - please check out our links page for more valuable information on Siberians, GSPs, and dogs in general.

The crew at Nuthatch currently consists of a mixture of German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs), Siberian Huskies, and a motley crew of rescue dogs - collectively known as the Nuthatch Gang.

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