Bringing Home Your Puppy


You've patiently waited and now your puppy is finally coming home. Some important things to remember:

- I cannot emphasize enough how useful crate training is - I highly recommend it for anyone with a new dog, young or old. If you need some help feel free to email me or plug "crate training" into any search engine and you should come up with lots of information.

- Be consistent. If you don't want the dog to jump up when you're wearing a suit, you don't let the dog jump up period. He does not understand the difference between good clothes and your jeans.

- Obedience training - enroll as soon as possible. Do not wait.

- Your puppy may be lonely his first few nights away from his brothers and sisters. If he cries in his crate, move it to an area of the house where he is not alone (ex. kitchen, bedroom, etc.). Do not take him out of the crate or he will quickly come to associate crying with being released from the crate.

- No matter how cute it is now, always pause to think how cute it will (or won't!) be when your dog is fully grown. Do not allow him to get away with things as a puppy that you do not want him doing as an adult.

- Socialize your puppy as much as possible. Introduce your puppy to as many new things/people/experiences/other animals/etc as possible while he is young. Young dogs, like young children, accept different things more easily than an older dog will.

- Always keep an eye on your puppy when playing with children. Young puppies are prone to jumping up and knocking children over. They don't mean harm but can easily scratch or nip a child if play gets too rough. It is your job to supervise and stop playtime before it reaches this point.

- Accustom your puppy to people handling his teeth and feet. It will make it easier to clean his teeth and cut his nails.

- Whenever your puppy gets into trouble, pick up a rolled newspaper and smack yourself on the head repeating, "I should have been watching the puppy. I should have been watching the puppy..."

- Enjoy every precious moment.




Nutrition is a very important aspect of your dog's care throughout his life. Choosing the right food  means finding a balanced diet that suits your dog. Like people, every dog is different. Although we do not personally recommend a raw diet, there are many that do. If you choose to feed a raw diet, do your research and be careful to make sure it is balanced and will meet your dog's nutritional needs.

We feed and recommend TLC dog food. It is an all-age, holistic kibble that we have found our dogs do very well on. (I personally like the delivery to your door too!)

To see the latest TLC Monthly Newsletter click here

If you are purchasing a puppy from us we strongly prefer that you start your puppy on TLC. If you wish to change foods at a later date we will not argue with you but we prefer that you start them off on TLC as we know it gives young GSPs a good start from a nutritional perspective. If you are purchasing a puppy from us, you can contact me to get an order form and a coupon towards your first bag of food.

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