Nuthatch Dogs & Our Foster Program


This means that the dog will live with someone else full time (and they can pursue whatever activties with her they'd like other than getting her spayed) and I would borrow her back to show her to her championship and eventually to breed her once or twice. Once her career as a show dog and brood bitch was over she would be signed over free and clear to her foster home. Throughout the fostering period (probably four to five years) she would live full time with her foster family other than coming here for shows (foster family welcome to attend and I'll teach them how to show her if they're interested - kids welcome to participate in junior handling with her if interested) and to be bred (foster family welcome to visit any time). She could stay with her foster family throughout her pregnancy provided they were comfortable with it but would need to be here for the actual whelping and until the pups were old enough to be weaned and they're potential families had gotten to meet her. The foster family would be responsible for routine expenses (food, vaccines, heartworm, etc) and I would be responsible for anything related to showing and/or breeding her including getting all her health clearances. It's an interesting way to become involved in dog shows and gives the family a chance to own a show dog and experience puppies without all the work involved. And it means that the dog gets all the benefits of being an only dog rather than one of many here.

For a list of dogs currently available for fostering, please see our Litters page. If you are interested in fostering a dog with us, please fill out our application.

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