Nuthatch & the G.S.P.


Nuthatch GSPs Who Have Competed With Their Owners:


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Taz - Can. Ch. Nuthatch's Taz It Is FD

Chance - Am. Ch. Nuthatch Gerry's The Initiator MH

Spider - Am. Ch. Nuthatch BCK Alfa Romeo Spider

Asa - Nuthatch's As You Wish

Mulan - Nuthatch's Luv Potion Numbr Nine FDJ

Fancy - Chances Are Nuthatch Fantasy

Mack - Can. Ch. Nuthatch's Mack Proulx

Rudolfe - Can. Ch. Nuthatch's Messire Rudolfe

Bogart - Nuthatch's As Time Goes By

Stella - Austr. Ch. Nuthatch's Star Crossed Luv

Coco - Nuthatch's Hot Cocoa  FDJ  NA III

Moose - Nuthatch's Moose Eh Moose NA

Malcolm - Can. Ch. Nuthatch's Captain Mal Rorke

Ava - Nuthtch Knight's Edge Of Reason

Aurora - Am. Gr. Ch. Nuthatch Edenstar Aurora

Caesar - Nuthatch's Caesar FD