Canadian Breed Standards

A breed standard is a description of what the ideal specimen would look like for a given breed. It often offers a range which is acceptable for features such as height, weight, colour, etc. Breed standards vary somewhat from country to country but on the whole have many similarities. The standard is usually created/written by the national breed club. Most breeders, including Nuthatch kennels, strive to produce dogs which meet the breed standard. However, just because your dog meets the breed standard does not make it breeding or show quality. A breeding animal should be more than just an adequate representative of the breed, it should have something to offer back to the breed which will improve upon the dogs being produced. Not all good breeding animals will be show champions and not all show champions should be bred. We hope you find these breed standards helpful in your search to learn more about your chosen breed.

Breed Standards:

Siberian Huskies

German Shorthair Pointers